Tech tutorials pre-event will be offered by Metaphacts, Microsoft, and Databricks one week before the event.

Tutorial Metaphacts – 23.09.2022 at 5 pm – online session.

Title: Explicit knowledge modeling for AI-driven decision making 

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence – be it data-driven or explicit AI – has the potential to revolutionize the way we work. A form of explicit AI, knowledge graphs deliver connected insights across functional or use case boundaries and drive knowledge democratization in the enterprise. Because they support the explicit modeling of knowledge traditionally hidden in complex processes, long documents, domain-specific applications, or domain experts’ minds, they are a great foundation for trustworthy and explainable business decisions and processes. 

This tutorial will prepare participants that want to approach the metaphacts challenge. Participants will gain solid familiarity with the following topics, datasets, tools, and technology:

  • Knowledge Graphs as well as standard formats, tools, and technologies behind the state-of-the-art, including ontologies and vocabularies as knowledge models and the underlying open standards RDFS, OWL, and SHACL.
  • metaphactory, a tool that enables participants to create, search, explore, and visualise existing knowledge graphs based on a low-code application development concept. metaphactory’s components and visual language make use of elements of  the above W3C standards. The tool will be used as an entry point to the training data for this exercise and can also be used as a proof-of-concept to display the outcome.
  • The semopenalex Scientific Publications dataset, presently in the form of a knowledge graph, offered as the basis for Knowledge Graph augmentation; together with some possible use-cases that can enable AI-driven decision making. These are provided as an open list to choose from or as inspiration for further use cases of choice.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with database technology, Machine Learning.

Tutorial Databricks – 24.09.2022 at 12 pm to 2 pm – online session.

Title: Machine Learning Use Cases with Azure Databricks

Abstract: “Databricks will present how to take advantage of the Azure Databricks platform to quickly and easily build simple and complex ML use cases. We will see how Databricks Notebooks and ML Flow can assist you with the development of Machine Learning models, whether you are training on large or small datasets.”

Tutorial  Microsoft– 24.09.2022 at 10 pm to 12 pm – online session.

Title: “Introduction to Machine Learning and AI on Azure Cloud”

Abstract: A live demo and overview of different AI services in Microsoft Azure will be provided, with focus on those that can be used to work on the challenges. This also include how to get Azure Credits for MAKEathon.