Saturday 6.11.2021

WhenWhere (Olten)Where (Muttenz)Activity
9:30Main entrance
OVR (*)
Main entrance
Arrival and Registrations
10:00Aula, OVR (*) 02.O.18 – LivestreamWelcome
Dr. Emanuele Laurenzi
10:05 Aula, OVR (*) 02.O.18 – LivestreamKeynote
Dr. Andreas Martin
10;30Aula, OVR (*)02.O.18 – LivestreamKeynote
Prof. Dr. Knut Hinkelmann
10;50Aula, OVR (*)02.O.18 – LivestreamEvent Info
Dr. Emanuele Laurenzi
11:00Aula, OVR (*) 02.O.18 – LivestreamPitching session of challenges
(max. 5 min each)
12:00 Aula, OVR (*) 03.N.21Group formation
13:00Canteen, OVR (*) Mensa Muttenz (**) Lunch Break
19:00Atrium B, OVR (*) Mensa Muttenz (**)Dinner Break

Sunday 7.11.2021

WhenWhere(Olten)Where (Muttenz)Activity
9:00Atrium B, OVR (*) Mensa / 12nd Floor (**)Coffee and Croissants
12:00Atrium B, OVR (*) Mensa Muttenz (**)Lunch Break
16:00Aula, OVR (*)02.O.18 – LivestreamPitching session of solutions
(max. 5 min each team)
17:00Aula, OVR (*) 02.O.18 – LivestreamStatements from challenge providers
18:00Aula, OVR (*) Mensa / 12nd Floor (**)Apéro
18:30Aula, OVR (*)02.O.18 – LivestreamAwards and closing session

(*) OVR: FHNW University of Applied Science and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Von Rollstrasse 10, 4600 Olten
(**)  Location might change

The event will be held at the FHNW campus Olten (Maps)  and FHNW Campus Muttenz (Maps).
The map of the main venue (Olten campus) is available at